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TUR4all is the App for Accessible Tourism in the Iberian Peninsula. It provides information about accessible accommodation, restaurants, bars, monuments, museums, cultural centres, wine tourism, beaches, leisure activities, tourism offices, city tours …in short, accessible destinations and experiences.

The application enables people with special needs to plan their trips, with access to objective and accurate information about the level of accessibility of tourism resources. TUR4all has been designed so that users can customise their search criteria according to their specific needs.

TUR4all features tourism resources that have been evaluated by accessibility experts, with the TUR4all insignia in addition to resources added by users by way of an online questionnaire specifically designed for that purpose.

Users can add comments about tourism resources, allocate them a score based on their level of accessibility and the inclusive approach to customer care. The App also allows users with the same interests and needs to communicate with each other.

TUR4all will be available in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Chinese.

TUR4all is completely free of charge and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

If your mobile an older model and you are unable to download the application, we suggest going to our web page which is compatible with all devices.

You're in : Pt >> Aplicacoes-moveis >> App-tur4all