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Accessible Portugal and accessible tourism

Tourism is a strategic undertaking for Portugal, being its greatest economic activity in regional development, in the extent to which a multiplicity of departments and agents all work together as part of a network.

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Raising awareness and providing training in Accessible and Inclusive Tourism is one of the key factors to capturing and subsequently satisfying this segment of the market.

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Accessibility consultancy

ACCESSIBLE PORTUGAL provides technical consulting services to public and private-sector entities on universal accessibility to ensure that agents that are part of the tourism chain are certified, namely the stakeholders in accommodation, restaurants and bars, public spaces, transport, cultural centres, natural or built heritage, tourism activities, among others. It aims to help to project the concept of providing a "Warm Welcome" to all, taking into consideration the variety of special needs of accessibility and inclusive customer care.

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This section outlines the publications or other national and international documents on accessible tourism, as well as references to specialised entities that we believe to be of interest and which contribute to improve tourism resources for all.

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