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Accessible Portugal and accesible tourism

Imagen Accessible Portugal e o Turismo Acessível

Tourism is a strategic undertaking for Portugal, being its greatest economic activity in regional development, in the extent to which a multiplicity of departments and agents all work together as part of a network.

The "2027 Tourism Strategy – Think in the Future, Act in the Present" envisages the setting out of a strategic benchmark for the next 10 years, taking into consideration various changes and perspectives as well as opportunities and challenges arising from them.

Thanks to Portugal’s location, potential areas of growth are identified, such as a gateway to Europe, its mild climate, abundant sunlight and daylight, a diversity of historical and cultural heritage, the art of giving visitors a “Bem Receber” (Warm Welcome), the diversity of available tourism resources, etc.

These factors, together with identified opportunities such as the sustained growth of Tourism between now and 2030, the reputation of "Portugal" as a destination, the growing demand for healthy pastimes as well as health and wellness products, will bring a whole series of opportunities to the ACCESSIBLE PORTUGAL project.

Almost 80 million EU citizens have some level of disability. Because of “population ageing”, this figure is expected to increase to 120 million between now and 2020. Accessibility is a prerequisite for these people to be able to effectively participate and play an active role in society.

It is within this framework that ACCESSIBLE PORTUGAL plans to develop the project which is summarised below.

  • Development of a Platform and a mobile App (available for both Android and iOS), to provide and disseminate information about accessible Tourism Resources in Portugal, which will help to capture new segments of Demand, improve the tourism experience for people with special needs, in addition to promoting Portugal as a Tourism Destination that knows how to give its visitors a "Warm Welcome".

  • It is an information tool (non-evaluative), with all the objectivity that this entails. It aims to act as a dynamic interaction between supply and demand through Social Networks to promote the tourism resources of destinations and their respective accessibility.

  • It is based on an already existing Platform that is currently being upgraded in Spain. Its developer, PREDIF (the Spanish Representative Platform for People with Physical Disabilities,) boasts more than twenty years of expertise in this field.

  • The preliminary technological development of the project was financed by Fundacion Vodafone España with the backing of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

  • The partnership that exists with PREDIF allows ACCESSIBLE PORTUGAL to benefit from a proven structure and methodology, in a continual state of improvement, with an international framework and scope, as well as a content production system with translations available in 7 languages, creating synergies, reducing costs and expediting both development and deployment.

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