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Accessibility consultancy

Imagen Consultoria em acessibilidade

ACCESSIBLE PORTUGAL provides technical consulting services to public and private-sector entities on universal accessibility to ensure that agents that are part of the tourism chain are certified, namely the stakeholders in accommodation, restaurants and bars, public spaces, transport, cultural centres, natural or built heritage, tourism activities, among others. It aims to help to project the concept of providing a "Warm Welcome" to all, taking into consideration the variety of special needs of accessibility and inclusive customer care.

With these services, ACCESSIBLE PORTUGAL hopes to encourage the broadening of access to tourism for all, improving personal autonomy, safety and quality of life of visitors and the local inhabitants of the destinations. The aim is to project a culture and mindset where universal accessibility criteria and design for all are increasingly widespread, guiding the agents involved in its deployment and promotion.

An accessible environment, product or service no only ensures the greater independence, safety and involvement of people with disabilities, it is also easier for everyone to understand, use and enjoy.

You're in : Pt >> O-que-fazemos >> Consultoria-em-acessibilidade