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TURISMO DE PORTUGAL, the Portuguese Tourist Board, is a Public Institution, which, within the scope of its attributed functions and powers, is responsible for coordinating the promotion of the country as a tourist destination, and in this regard, is also responsible for guaranteeing the structuring and monitoring of initiatives and projects that develop national tourism and allow it to grow.

In recent years, TURISMO DE PORTUGAL has been developing a series of initiatives to promote accessible tourism in Portugal and in September 2016, launched the "ALL FOR ALL – Portuguese Tourism" Programme, aimed at all business owners in the sector, to foster mobilisation and coordinated actions to make national tourism resources accessible.

The "Development of the TUR4all Portugal Web Platform and Mobile Application for the information and dissemination of accessible tourism resources", presented by ACCESSIBLE PORTUGAL, falls within the framework of the goals of TURISMO DE PORTUGAL, namely to help to promote accessible tourism in Portugal and to improve national tourism resources to be able to cater to the specific needs of this segment, in addition to fulfilling its desire to make Portugal a destination that is accessible for all.

Turismo de Portugal

Program All for All


ENAT is a non-profit association whose members are pioneering entities in the study, promotion and practice of accessible tourism. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of the network, our members improve accessibility to tourist information, transport, infrastructures and the design of services for tourists with all kinds of needs, generating best practices and models of excellence \r\n\tfor the whole of the tourism industry.

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