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What is TUR4all

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TUR4all, "Accessible Tourism" is a platform and mobile App, whereby everyone can access information about tourism establishments, resources and services that are accessible to all.

When planning a trip, people with special needs require objective information about accessibility at the destination, be it in transport, tourism resources and services or the different leisure activities that may be of interest.

TUR4all (App and Web Portal) promotes a series of tourism resources that have been analysed by accessibility experts, in addition to other resources that have been added by users by completing a questionnaire.

Users can also add comments about tourism resources and allocate a score for their level of accessibility and inclusive customer care.

The TUR4all project

TUR4all consists of a web portal and a mobile App that provide and promote information about accessible tourism resources in Portugal.

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How to take part in TUR4all

TUR4all helps you to promote your tourism unit using an accessible approach to bring it to a public who wishes to find it. You also have the opportunity to receive client opinions, comments and preferences, which will help you to be able to better respond to their needs in the future.

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TUR4all insignia

The insignia designates public and private sector establishments that work to improve the accessibility of their establishments or services. It highlights the commitment of these entities for clients with special needs, standing apart per se from other tourism resources.

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TUR4all event

Our priority is to provide as much information as possible so that people with special accessibility needs plan and enjoy their tourism and leisure activities with the highest possible levels of self-reliance. With this in mind, we ask you to collaborate with us!

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