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In the world, one in three of us has special accessibility needs. People with long-term or temporary limitations, such as the elderly, families with young children among many other collectives.

By being accessible, their space:Responding to a growing market of tourists with accessibility needs, reaching a greater number of potentially real clients.

Improvements to the quality of facilities or services facilitates a greater level of customer care for your clients.

It is promoted as being socially responsible.

Reduces seasonality and increases business potential.

TUR4all helps you to promote your tourism unit using an accessible approach to bring it to a public who wishes to find it. You also have the opportunity to receive client opinions, comments and preferences, which will help you to be able to better respond to their needs in the future.

The TUR4all web portal and App improve the positioning of your tourism unit and create a new marketing channel.

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You're in : Pt >> Tur4all >> Como-participar >> Empresas-turisticas