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The TUR4all project

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What TUR4all is - Benefits:

  • TUR4all consists of a web portal and a mobile App that provide and promote information about accessible tourism resources in Portugal.

  • The aim of the web portal and mobile App is to enable all individuals with accessibility needs to travel and enjoy the “tourist experience”, taking part in all leisure activities, just like any other tourist.

  • TUR4all contains accessible tourism resources that have been analysed and endorsed by accessibility experts and then commented on by users.

TUR4all provides:

  • Objective information about accommodation, restaurants, recreational activities, among others, and their respective levels of accessibility.

  • Multilingual: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, German, Italian and Chinese.

  • Direct integration with social networks.

  • An active user community that evaluates, scores and comments on the accessibility of all resources.

  • A channel to promote tourism establishments and destinations that are accessible to all.

  • TUR4all is a solution for tourist, for private companies and for the public sector, as it promotes accessible tourism in Portugal around the world.

You're in : Pt >> Tur4all >> O-projeto-tur4all