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TUR4all Insignia

TUR4all Insignia. Working towards Accessible Tourism TUR4all Insignia. Working towards Accessible Tourism

What is the TUR4all insignia?

The insignia designates public and private sector establishments that work to improve the accessibility of their establishments or services. It highlights the commitment of these entities for clients with special needs, standing apart per se from other tourism resources.

The insignia was designed by accessibility and tourism experts. The criteria are based on both Portuguese and international accessibility legislation and best standards.

What are its benefits?

  • It provides objective and accurate information about the accessibility of facilities or services, considering the needs of clients with motor, visual, hearing or intellectual limitations, the elderly or families with small children, etc. allowing this segment of the population to be incorporated.

  • Promote the tourism resource on the Accessible Tourism TUR4all Portugal web portal or mobile App.

  • It provides the managers of these entities with what is required to deploy a management system and the continual improvement to the accessibility of their facilities and services, which leads to an improvement to the quality of the service for everyone.

  • Provides an ongoing accessibility consultancy service.

  • Allows them to promote their tourism resource as being socially responsible, for the commitment of services to people with disabilities or other special needs.

What does TUR4all assess in tourism establishments?

The assessment covers a series of accessibility needs: motor, visual, hearing, cognitive, sign-posting, food intolerances, allergies and others.

It analyses the following areas, based on their degree of accessibility:

TUR4all Basic:

  • Accessibility of the tourism resource.

  • The information provided to the client about the accessibility of the tourism resource.

TUR4all Premium:

  • The accessibility of the tourism resource.

  • The condition of the inclusive care of the services.

  • The information provided to the client via different channels: web page, mobile applications, printed material, etc.

  • The management of the accessibility as part of the organisation’s work processes.

Each of these levels reflects compliance with universal accessibility standards, and the commitment of organizations to manage and maintain them.

How do you get the insignia?

Our accessibility experts carry out onsite diagnostics using an evaluation system of universal accessibility, specifically designed for tourism resources. Two accessibility reports are provided to the tourism resource:

  • A management report, with current accessibility conditions and suggested improvements (if any).

  • A report with the basic accessibility information provided to clients, which will be shared with TUR4all, if they meet the minimum requirements of the TUR4all Basic level.

Contact us for additional information via email or send us your contact details using the following form.

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